Tax Planning:  


There Is nothing certain but TAXES!! 

This couldn’t have been truer. However it is with these certainties that we could utilize tax efficient and tax preferred investment options to strategize in maximizing your income while preserving your wealth!  

Working with your Financial Consultant here at Integral Asset Management, we will explore your particular needs to come up with the most tax efficient strategies at all stages of your life. You could be an individual or you could be an individual running your own business. There is always a plan! 

Here are some of the basic and common concepts: 

·          RRSP 

·          TFSA 

·          Preferred tax rate on Income such as Dividends and Capital Gains 

·          Tax Exempt Insurance Options 

·          Type of Income in Retirement 

·          Different Tax Credits 

·          Holding Companies for Incorporated Businesses 

·          Trust/ Family Trust 

Here at Integral Asset Management ltd, we encourage you and along with your Financial Consultant to working closely with your accountants and  lawyers to ensure that your level of service is always looked after by professionals. 


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