Small Business Benefit Package:


Resources are of importance to your business, and most of all: Human Resources 

Congratulations on running a successful business. Your hard work is being recognized and you want to do the same for your employees. In a competitive market place, you understand the importance of retaining and developing your loyal employees. 

Research shows that modern day employees value health related benefits and most times it becomes the deciding factor of accepting employment offers. Your edge in building your business and staying competitive? The ability to customize a tailored Benefit Package with your Integral Asset Management Financial Consultant.  

Custom-designing your health insurance plan is fast and easy with Integral Asset Management. It is a flexible and comprehensive health insurance plan designed to fill the gaps left by provincial health plans. These packages could include the following: 

·           Life Insurance 

·           Disability and Critical Illness Insurance 

·           Medical and Health Insurance 

·           Dental and Vision 

·           Custom Care for Key/Principle Owners 


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