Risk Management:  

Insurance Planning and Taking the guessing game out of planning.

You deserve a peace of mind and you need to take action earlier as the sooner is always better. Just like anything in life, a well prepared and well planned individual, family or business entity, will also manage changes and unforeseen outcomes more effectively. While working with your Financial Consultant at Integral Asset Management, you will be able to custom tailor a strategy that is just right for you and the ones you love most. 

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While working with Integral Asset Management Ltd, we have the ability to provide you with accessibility to the biggest partner support in Canada. This means we can find the best solution package at the most cost effective price point.

Estate Planning 


Four of the most important reasons you need an estate plan are: 


·         To control who manages and receives your assets at your death.  

·         To minimize administrative expenses and legal fees.  

·         To transfer a greater share of your assets to your heirs and favored charities/causes.  

·         To protect your heirs by providing them with wealth management continuity throughout your lifetime and beyond.   



Ask yourself these questions as you begin developing a new estate plan or updating your current plan. In addition, contact your tax advisor and personal attorney, and speak with an Integral Asset Management Ltd. Financial Consultant.


· Do you have a will? If so, when was it last updated?

· Do you have an estate plan? If so, when was it last reviewed?

· What assets will be available to pay your estate settlement costs?

· What steps have you taken to minimize the impact of probate?

· Does your will name a guardian for your minor children?

· Are you comfortable with the executor(s) and trustee(s) you have selected?

· Do you have the right amount and type of life insurance?

· Have you considered a living trust to avoid probate?

· If you have a living trust, have you titled your assets in the name of the trust?

· Do you have a living will or durable power of attorney in case of catastrophic illness or disability?


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