How are you managing your cash? 

When it comes to managing your cash, time is an extremely valuable asset. Shuffling cash among separate checking, savings, credit card, securities and loan accounts as well as paying bills each month can be time consuming and opportunities could be lost! 

Planning for a Secure Retirement 

Retirement is a major concern for most of us today. We're living longer-meaning we have more retirement years for which to save and invest. Social Security is less certain than in the past. And corporate retirement plans are changing in ways that leave us more responsible for saving and investing for retirement.  


How much will your retirement cost? 


The cost of your retirement depends on several factors:  


·         Your anticipated cost of living  

·         Your current retirement assets  

·         Your current retirement savings and investment programs and  

·         Expected rates of inflation  

How can you best prepare to reach your retirement goals? 


You can feel better about achieving a secure retirement if you begin preparing now 

When can you plan to retire? 


That will be influenced by:  


·         How effectively you manage your investments  

·         How long you plan to work  

Family Lifestyle Investing: 

At Integral Asset Management, we recognize something that many might have overlooked. We factor in your lifestyle along with your projections to your expectation of maintaining a standard to what’s most important to you. Rather it’s planning for your children’s Education or providing Additional Income in case of Emergencies. 

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