Careful planning and holistic approach are key ways to achieving your financial goals. Whatever your goals may be — from sending children to college and retiring comfortably to passing your hard-earned estate assets on to loved ones — our professionals will evaluate your situation and help you determine which strategies are right for you.  


Let financial planning help you reach your goals

A good financial, comprehensive, plan shows where you are today and compares it to where you want to be. It helps you utilize your resources more effectively -- identifying potential shortfalls and surpluses -- and it helps you develop strategies for reaching your multiple planning goals.

Financial planning can serve as a solid foundation as you look to the future, facing, for instance, the effect of inflation on your retirement savings, the rising cost of education, market uncertainties and changing tax laws.


At Integral Asset Management, when one of our Financial Consultants helps you formulate your financial plan, no products or services are mentioned. You get just personalized guidance and valuable financial information.  


You then decide when and how to proceed.  


And your Financial Consultant can analyze your goals, timeframes and tolerance for investment risk and discuss how you might update your plans as your circumstances, needs and goals change. This can help you stay on top and on track. 

Reasons for ongoing review 


Even if you already have an estate plan, you should review it in the event of:


·         Marriage  

·         The birth of a child or grandchild  

·         A significant change in your net worth (stock option vesting or inheritance)  

·         Changes in financial objectives (such as early retirement)  

·         The purchase or sale of a house or family business  

·         Divorce  

·         Death of a spouse or beneficiary  

·         Changes in the tax laws  

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