We want to be your FIRST CHOICE for Insurance: 

At Integral Asset Management Ltd, we take care of you from essential financial protection for you, your family and company to more sophisticated tax and estate planning needs. Along with our team of expert partners, we are confident in the expertise of delivering insurance solutions to Canadians 

Understanding Insurance: How does it apply to you? 

Think about it as lifestyle protection: As we move forward in life, our responsibilities grow such as our profession, our living habits and most importantly our families. It is important to understand the following when seeking advice in Insurance: 

·         Life Insurance: Think of this as succession planning. Typically your options would be Term Life Insurance VS Permanent Life Insurance. 

1.     Term Life Insurance: You have a targeted and fixed commitment where the monetary risk and time frame is manageable and foreseeable.  Most commonly applies to Mortgages, Business Commitments and in some cases early Family Planning.  

2.     Permanent Life Insurance: This particular type of insurance is very effective in managing ongoing demands of constant yet complex and ever evolving risks. Family Planning and Lifestyle Protection would be the most common while Estate Planning would definitely be a key factor here. 


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While working with Integral Asset Management Ltd, we have the ability to provide you with accessibility to the biggest partner support in Canada. This means we can find the best solution package at the most cost effective price point.


·         Disability, Critical Illnesses and Long Term Care Insurance: These types of insurances are going to take care of your income needs in case of disability or sickness. Therefore think about these as Income Replacement Planning. It is critical to factor these into your overall plan especially with recent studies showing Canadian families taking on more debt while becoming ever so depending on a steady income stream. 

Prudent planning will ensure results. While working with your Integral Asset Management Financial Consultant, completing a financial risk management and insurance analysis will take the guessing game out of life as peace of mind puts you in charge to accumulate wealth. 


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