Working Together

You, your Financial Consultant, Integral Asset Management Ltd and Our Full Team of Expert Partners.  

You and your Integral Asset Management Financial Consultant, with access to the full scope of our services and resources, work closely towards achieving your financial success. Your Financial Consultant is highly trained to understand your needs and to help you develop the financial strategies that can satisfy them—today and over the long term.  

Your first step toward successful investing is building a relationship with your Integral Asset Management Financial Consultant, who is well-trained to help you succeed. Because we recognize every client is unique, we approach each relationship through these foundation steps: 


1.     Understanding you. Your relationship starts with a frank conversation to help your Financial Consultant thoroughly understand your goals, your tolerance for risk and your particular needs. 

2.     Analyzing your needs. You and your Financial Consultant review and analyze your current financial situation and evaluate various strategies that could be employed to help you reach your goals. 

3.     Tailoring your solution. Your Financial Consultant evaluates and recommends the appropriate combination of investments for your strategy, and makes sure you understand them. 

4.     Carrying out your choices. Your Financial Advisor helps you implement the investment strategy that you have chosen. 

5.     Monitoring and Adjusting. Your Financial Consultant will provide ongoing overview to ensure that your plan/strategy still suits and will continue to fit your ever growing and changing needs. 

6.     Staying committed to you. Your Financial Advisor maintains an ongoing commitment to the relationship through regular contact, timely account information, and seeing that your questions or concerns are resolved.

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